Windshield Damage? What do you need to know.

If you are going to continue driving your vehicle the vibration of the road and exposure to the elements could cause the damaged area to grow.

Make sure to inspect the damage. If it has a cone shape, a circle deep in the glass or looks like a small star with points spreading out, call us so we can fix it immediately! These are serious dings that can grow into a cracked windshield.

The Best Way to Repair Miner Paint Scratches

There are two things every driver wishes of his or her car: That the inside will always smell like new, and that the outside will always look like new. Of course, these both can be fleeting wishes, but we hope these tips for proper scratch repair will, at the very...

How to take care of you Vehicle Paint.

We've all been there. After a handful of years, no matter how often you make sure to park in the very empty back corner of parking lots or remind your children to “Please open your door slowly!” chips, scratches, and dings somehow manage to accumulate nonetheless....