Do you have a ding in your windshield? If so here are a few things to do and remember.

If you are going to continue driving your vehicle the vibration of the road and exposure to the elements could cause the damaged area to grow.

Make sure to inspect the damage. If it has a cone shape, a circle deep in the glass or looks like a small star with points spreading out, call us so we can fix it immediately! These are serious dings that can grow into a cracked windshield.

Don’t touch the damaged area or attempt to repair it yourself. Without special equipment and training, you will only contaminate the damaged area, making repairs hard to complete. What you can do as a temporary fix is to put a piece of clear tape, like packing tape, over the damaged area.

Do not wash your car, especially through the car wash. Soap and water can contaminate damaged area and a high-pressure wash can cause the ding to expand.

Try to avoid slamming your doors and don”t close the doors with the windows closed. The vibration or build-up of air pressure inside the car can cause the damage to spread.

Try not to park in the sun or turn on your air conditioning, heater or defrost on HIGH. Changes in your vehicles inside temperature or exposure to sunlight can cause stress to your windshield.

If your windshield is damaged please call us today at so we can